Junkyard Licenses

The owner of the business seeking a junk yard license needs to contact the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office at 419-332-2613 asking for an inspection to be done prior to applying for the license.

The initial cost of a junk yard license is $25. Yearly renewal licenses are $10. Applications are completed and payment made at the Sandusky County Auditor’s Office following the inspection of the property by the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office. Licenses expire on the first day of January following the date of issuance.

A new junk yard will receive a license number assigned by the County Auditor. The same form is used to process new and renewal licenses. The license goes to the business and should be displayed in a prominent location at the specified business address until the statutory expiration date. A renewal license must then be purchased and displayed in the same manner.

In order to qualify for a new/renewal junk yard license, each business facility must be inspected annually by the County Sheriff’s office. The inspection is intended to ensure each business is in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code (ORC). After the inspections, the owner will need to bring a copy of this report with them to obtain their license. This report provides written evidence of ORC compliance. It is the basis for the Auditor to issue/renew the licenses for the year.