Current Agricultural Use Valuation

The Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV) Program was implemented by the State of Ohio to permit the valuing of farmland on its ability to produce income rather than on its market value. This program can provide a significant tax savings to agricultural producers who meet the qualifications.

The Current Agricultural Use Valuation program provides a substantial reduction in the valuation of land that is exclusively dedicated to agricultural production. There is a fee of $25 for initial applications and the deadline is prior to the first Monday in March: DTE 109 - Initial Application for the Valuation of Land at its Current Agricultural Use

Every year a renewal application for land already on the CAUV program must be filed. There is no charge for renewal applications. Renewal applications will be mailed to each owner annually and must be returned prior to the first Monday in March: DTE 109A - Current Agricultural Use Valuation Renewal Application

Land that is removed from the CAUV program is charged a recoupment fee equal to the tax savings for the three years prior that resulted from participation in the CAUV valuation versus market valuation outside of the program.


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